2008 Lunatic Fringe MTB results

Congratulations to the riders who raced the third Lunatic Fringe. Special thanks to all the riders who came back to Emu creek from last year. Special thanks to Blair at Emu creek for all your support. Next years race is on May 9th 2009.

Lunatic fringe 12hr/6hr May 10th  2008 results

6hr results:
Solo Men:
1st: Frank day (10 laps)
2nd: Courtney Boicos (8 laps)
3rd: Brad Gordon (6 laps)
4th: Bruce Pain (6 Lapa)
5th: David Charter (6 laps)
6th: Andrew Patterson (5 laps)

Solo Women:
1st: Justine Leahy (9 laps)

Duo Teams Men:
1st: Ben Bopf and Duane Blake (12 laps)
2nd: Hopefulls (John Russell and Michael Russell) (12 laps)

Duo Teams Juniors:
1st: Spencer and Trent Pain (10 laps)

Duo Teams Mixed:
1st: The Super flys (Marinda and Zandor Teseling) (9 laps)

12hr results:
Solo Men:
1st: Drew Wilson (13 laps)
2nd: James Obrien (9 laps)

Duo Teams Men:
1st: ‘Axels of Evil’ (Evan Jeffries and Geoff Gilchrist) (27 laps)
2nd: ‘Coalition of the Thrilling’ (Trevor Creighton amd Brian Cockburn)(23 laps)
3rd: ‘The Condors’ (Chris Jenkins and Mark Sandon) (20 laps)
4th: Riders Cyclery (Jeremy de Vere and ‘No Way’ Ray Chalmers(18 laps)

Triple Teams Mixed:
1st: Deja Vu (Mark Guy, Sue Cameron, Nolan Full) (15 laps)