2007 Rabbit Ride results

Peter gets the Rabbit!

Peter Latham showed again why he is one of New Zealands most talented and classy riders in winning the 83k Rodney Rabbit Ride cycle challenge in 2hrs.04m on sunday. Breaking away from a 200+ strong field and taking the first $100 prime on the climb up Sunnyside rd from karl Murray and Justin Kerr, this trio was soon to be joined by Aaron Strong and Tom David and would carve out a 40 second lead by the time they reached kahikatea rd from the very talented chase group driven by North shore Grand prix winner Josh England, Mike Northey, Richard Speer, Bradley Aldrich, Silas Cullen, Sam Weston and others.

Latham took the second prime from Justin kerr and Aaron Strong and this group of five strong leaders continued to stretch the lead on Peak rd to a 2 minute lead by the finish with Peter Latham winning the sprint (and final $100 prime) from Justin Kerr, Karl Murray, Aaron Strong and Tom David.

Angela McNaughton won the womens 83k event in dominating fashion and like Peter Latham won the lion share of all the primes ($300) from Katrina Smithson and Vikki Burr. Jonathon Gear won the mens 72k event with Nicki Harvey winning the womens. Greg Miller and Emma Weston were the winners in the 31k event.

$10000 in prizes were handed out on the day, special thanks to the sponsors [Genius Bikes] [Castelli] [Timex] [Hammer gel] [Vitality centre] [Allpress espresso] [USN] [DulX] [Bike Albany] [Millennium Institute] and [Blasted promotions]

Special thanks also to our volunteers, staff and the powers that be (Rodney district council, Works and Transit New Zealand) for approving the course changes in record time. Special thanks to the riders for supporting this event and in kind supporting the Auckland Child Cancer house.

Karl Murray leads the Elite triple crown after this first event from Aaron Strong (as both Justin kerr and Peter latham are off to Europe soon). We wish them well on there racing season.

Event 2 in the series is the Waitakere City Tour of the Wild Wild West cycle challenge from Titirangi to Muriwai (80k/53k/20k) on March 4th. Entries close on Feb 25th .

Congratulations to all of the riders at the “Rodney Rabbit Ride”. Thanks again riders for supporting local events and showing up to support the Auckland Child Cancer Foundation.

Special Thanks to all the Sponsors.
[Genius Bikes] [Castelli] [Timex] [Hammer gel] [Vitality centre] [Allpress espresso] [USN] [DulX] [Bike Albany] [Millennium Institute] and [Blasted promotions]

Special thanks also to Volunteers, Moto Marshals and staff.

Here are the preliminary results:
83k RRR 2007
1. Peter Latham 2hrs.04.36s (First Elite and fastest Man)
2. Justin Kerr 2hrs.04.37s
3. Karl Murray 2hrs.04.37s
4. Aaron Strong 2hrs.04.38s
5. Tom David 2hrs.04.38s
6. Richard Speer  2hrs.07m.16s
7. Silas Cullen 2hrs.07m.19s
8. Bradley Aldrich 2hrs.07m.19s
9. Sam Weston 2hrs.07m.19s
10. Josh England 2hrs.07m.20s
11. Nick Harding-Sheath 2hrs.15m.09s
12. Mike Northey 2hrs.15m.11s
13. Ben Evans 2hrs.15m.12s
14. Matthew Bartley 2hrs.15m.12s
15. Matt Taylor 2hrs.15m.13s
16. Daymon Shack 2hrs.15m.14s
17. David Weston 2hrs.15m.15s
18. Paul Sumich 2hrs.15m.16s
19. Scott Papworth 2hrs.15m.17s
20. Craig Gibbons 2hrs.15m.17s
21. Peter Dainty 2hrs.15m.17s
22. Sam Jennings 2hrs.15m.17s
23. ? 2hrs.15m.17s
24. Royce Dawson 2hrs.19m.33s
25. Darryn Johnston 2hrs.19m.35s
26. Alistar McIndoe 2hrs.19m.36s
27. Christopher Johnston 2hrs.19m.37s
28. Jorgen Diack 2hrs.19m.37s
29. James Clement 2hrs.19m.38s
30. Jon-Paul Hendriksen 2hrs.19m.39s
31. Glen Frost 2hrs.20m.52s
32. Dave Priscott 2hrs.20m.52s
33. Sam Horn 2hrs.20m.52s
34. Robert Linder 2hrs.21m.01s
35. Jim Thompson 2hrs.21m.18s
36. Glen Ostergaard 2hrs.21m.18s
37. ? 2hrs.21m.18s
38. Paul Gikinson 2hrs.21m.20s
39. Jamie Timms 2hrs.21m.36s
40. Alister Dempsey 2hrs.21m.56s
41. Nick Maier 2hrs.23m.56s
42. Don Weston 2hrs.24m.12s
43. Geoff Ireland 2hrs.25m.01s
44. Martin Ireland 2hrs.26m.59s
45. Keith Hunter 2hrs.27m.37s
46. Aad Van der Poel 2hrs.28m.16s
47. Bryce Lambert 2hrs.29m.13s
48. Jeremy Turner 2hrs.29m.14s
49. Daniel Massie 2hrs.29m.15s
50. ? 2hrs.29m.16s
51. Patrick Wells 2hrs.31m.12s
52. Neil Blayney 2hrs.31m.12s
53. Paul Smith 2hrs.31m.13s
54. Graeme Blackwood 2hrs.31m.15s
55. Doug White 2hrs.31m.16s
56. Richard Jones 2hrs.31m.19s
57. Peter Clark 2hrs.31m.23s
58. Joe Sweeney 2hrs.31m.26s
59. Robert Forbes 2hrs.31m.42s
60. Simon Brown 2hrs.31m.52s
61. ? 2hrs.34m.21s
62. Angela McNaughton 2hrs.34m.22s (First and fastest Woman)
63. Katrina Smithson 2hrs.34m.23s
64. Corey McInnes 2hrs.34m.25s
65. Don Churches 2hrs.34m.29s
66. Richard Kennaway 2hrs.34m.33s
67. Richard Davis 2hrs.35m.26s
68. Chris Cousins 2hrs.54m.32s
69. Ren Witchell 2hrs.36m.02s
70. Vicki Burr 2hrs.36m.21s
71. Neil Ready 2hrs.36m.23s
72. Mark Longstaff 2hrs.36m.23s
73. Pam Morris 2hrs.37m.06s
74. Kerrin Brown 2hrs.37m.14s
75. Gina Franks 2hrs.37m.50s
76. Andrew Finnagan 2hrs.37m.51s
77. Joe Crooks 2hrs.37m.56s
78. Steve Shafe 2hrs.38m.10s
79. Andy Hemmings 2hrs.38m.39s
80. Bruce Buddicom 2hrs.38m.45s
81. Kirk McNeely 2hrs.38m.49s
82. Tony Remnant 2hrs.39m.23s
83. Eddie Grogan 2hrs.39m.31s
84. Paul Sills 2hrs.39m.47s
85. Ken Rae 2hrs.41m.15s
86. Mark Skinner 2hrs.41m.20s
87. Paul Crozier 2hrs.42m.47s
88. Phillipha Richards 2hrs.42m.53s
89. Craig Struthers 2hrs.43m.49s
90. Ryno Botha 2hrs.43m.50s
91. ? 2hrs.43m.51s
92. Chris Pilone 2hrs.44m.24s
93. Peter Slocum 2hrs.45m.18s
94. Rob Ruskin 2hrs.45m.38s
95. Ken Vette 2hrs.45m.45s
96. Glen Nightingale 2hrs.45m.57s
97. Michael Nightingale 2hrs.45m.58s
98. David Timms 2hrs.45m.59s
99. Fred Hickman 2hrs.47m.24s
100. Adam Whitehouse 2hrs.47m.30s
101. Andrea Gilkinson 2hrs.48m.13s
102. Malcom Tubby 2hrs.48m.13s
103. Al Borwick 2hrs.48m.13s
104. Nigel Shirtcliff 2hrs.48m.13s
105. Peter Lomas 2hrs.48m.23s
106. Garth Cook 2hrs.48m.41s
107. Jo Tachon 2hrs.49m.08s
108. Simon Donald 2hrs.49m.43s
109. Pat Everest 2hrs.51m.04s
110. Elizabeth Milne 2hrs.51m.20s
111. Jenny Smith 2hrs.51m.22s
112. ? 2hrs.51m.38s
113. Nigel watson 2hrs.53m.09s
114. Ian Charters 2hrs.53m.10s
115. Barbara Watson 2hrs.53m.13s
116. Paul Taylor 2hrs.53m.14s
117. Adam Francis 2hrs.53m.17s
118. Tanya Stewart 2hrs.53m.49s
119. Trevor Pilkington 2hrs.54m.03s
120. Geoff Caisley 2hrs.54m.55s
121. Mark Darren 2hrs.55m.50s
122. James Mckellar 2hrs.56m.47s
123. Grant Pollock 2hrs.57m.25s
124. Dennis Duthie 2hrs.57m.45s
125. Julie Beaven 2hrs.59m.14s
126. Suzie George 3hrs.00m.35s
127. Graham Postlewaight 3hrs.00m.56s
128. Darren Vaughan 3hrs.02m.08s
129. Peter Squires 3hrs.02m.11s
130. Lex Parker 3hrs.02m.37s
131. Mike Pirovich 3hrs.03m.08s
132. Phillip Wong 3hrs.03m.56s
133. Christina Edwards 3hrs.05m.40s
134. Chris Rickards 3hrs.05m.41s
135. Michelle McCaughley 3hrs.06m.37s
136. Martyn Pearce 3hrs.06m.37s
137. Shirley Haslam 3hrs.07m.20s
138. Paul Meyer 3hrs.09m.23s
139. Dennis Avery 3hrs.09m.26s
140. Lisa Ward 3hrs.09m.29s
141. Tamara Lowe 3hrs.11m.04s
142. Ron Jackson 3hrs.13m.08s
143. Steve Sutton 3hrs.15m.17s
144. Jonny Poi 3hrs.15m.17s
145. Dave Sutton 3hrs.15m.17s
146. Vicki Quinn 3hrs.16m.48s
147. ? 3hrs.09m.29s
148. Stuart Tunnicliffe 3hrs.17m.00s
149. Tony Hilson 3hrs.17m.00s
150. ? 3hrs.30m.13s
151. Chris Robinson 3hrs.32m.17s
152. ? 3hrs.32m.17s
153. Chris Moller 3hrs.32m.17s
154. Blair Stevenson 3hrs.32m.56s
155. ? 3hrs.32m.56s
156. Paul Weatherly 3hrs.36m.52s
157. Mark Caisley 3hrs.38m.09s
158. Christina Tregidga 3hrs.39m.03s
159. Des Trigg 3hrs.39m.04s
160. Fiona Rickards 3hrs.41m.37s
161. Mitch Webster 3hrs.49m.26s
DNF Tony Cotton
DNF Andy Mcnab
DNF Chris Van Houte

Sprint Primes: $100/$50/$25

Sunnyside Hill prime Men
1. Peter Latham
2. Karl Murray
3. Justin Kerr

Sunnyside Hill prime Women
1.Angela McNaughton
2.Katrina Smithson
3.Vicki Burr

Hot spot sprints Men: Waitoki
1. Peter Latham
2. Justin Kerr
3. Aaron Strong

Hot spot sprints Women: Waitoki
1.Angela McNaughton
2.Katrina Smithson
3.Vicki Burr.

Hot spot sprints Men: Waimauku
1. Peter Latham
2. Justin Kerr
3. Karl Murray

Hot spot sprints Women: Waimauku
1.Angela McNaughton
2.Katrina Smithson
3.Vicki Burr

72k RRR 2007
Here are the preliminary results:

1. Jonathon Gear 2hrs.06.54s (First and fastest Man)
2. Robyn Tuckey 2hrs.06m.55s
3. Chris Pine 2hrs.06m.56s
4. Nicola Harvey 2hrs.07m.19s (First and fastest Women)
5. Paul Carroll 2hrs.07m.56s
6. Brendon Stirling 2hrs.07m.56s
7. Peter Raby 2hrs.09m.09s
8. Bron Andrews 2hrs.09m.09s
9. Murray Vaile 2hrs.09m.09s
10. Marion Webb 2hrs.13m.59s
11. Colette Murphy 2hrs.17m.57s
12. ken Cunningham 2hrs.18m.39s
13. Gene Beveridge 2hrs.19m.10s
14. Boon Li Ong 2hrs.19m.19s
15. Hormoz 2hrs.19m.43s
16. Ian fernside 2hrs.20m.46s
17. Dave Roberts 2hrs.21m.01s
18. Bruce Mclean 2hrs.21m.01s
19. Mark Newcombe 2hrs.21m.48s
20. Greg Webb 2hrs.24m.34s
21. Dwayne Carroll 2hrs.24m.45s
22. Paul Larsen 2hrs.27m.16s
23. John Land 2hrs.27m.26s
24. Brian Evans 2hrs.27m.27s
25. Rachel Dupree 2hrs.27m.40s
26. Daniel Van Wyk 2hrs.27m.46s
27. Chris Labb 2hrs.28m.11s
28. Adrienne Buddicom 2hrs.28m.15s
29. Lynne Filmer-Birch 2hrs.29m.28s
30. ? 2hrs.34m.22s
31. Keith Moratti 2hrs.34m.35s
32. James Wenzlick 2hrs.35m.18s
33. Sam Blackbourn 2hrs.35m.28s
34. Mark Borgfeldt 2hrs.37m.27s
35. Juliani Bartlett 2hrs.37m.25s
36. Doug Blakeborough 2hrs.38m.08s
37. Darren Semadeni 2hrs.38m.11s
38. Francoise Coirier 2hrs.39m.09s
39. Helen Gafa 2hrs.39m.22s
40. Donna Smithies 2hrs.40m.53s
41. Kristen Capaccio 2hrs.40m.55s
42. Eliza Laycock 2hrs.43m.20s
43. Lynda Pitcaithly 2hrs.44m.24s
44. David Kelsall 2hrs.47m.19s
45. Josh Jacobsen 2hrs.47m.40s
46. Grant Blackbourn 2hrs.48m.50s
47. Anita Duthie 2hrs.48m.59s
48. Simon Donald 2hrs.49m.43s
49. Rebecca Maxwell 2hrs.50m.03s
50. Kirsten Mcdonald 2hrs.50m.30s
51. John McKelvie 2hrs.51m.55s
52. Ray Mankelow 2hrs.55m.56s
53. Grant Doull 2hrs.56m.32s
54. Stephanie Busby 3hrs.02m.03s
55. Alison Cameron 3hrs.02m.04s
56. John Burns 3hrs.03m.53s
57. Toni Grant 3hrs.11m.03s
58. Mike Beveridge 3hrs.17m.00s
59. Garry Bray 3hrs.30m.20s

31k RRR 2007

1. Greg Miller 1hr.00.00s (First and fastest man)
2. Chris Groom 1hrs.00.19s
3. Alex Stancliffe 1hr.00.50
4. Emma Weston 1hr.03.43 (First and fastest Women)
5. Dylan Pine 1hrs.06.02s
6. Nick Blayney 1hrs.06.32s
7. Karen kemp 1hrs.06.42s
8. Simone Nicholas 1hrs.06.44s
9. Terry Nicholas 1hrs.06.46s
10. Jonathan Laycock 1hrs.10.02s
11. Tim Papworth 1hrs.13.31s
12. Wendy Timms 1hrs.13.46s
13. Andy McNab 1hrs.14.05s
14. Rhonwen Moratti 1hrs.14.09s
15. Wayne Mapp 1hrs.16.04s
16. Monique Pine 1hrs.16.32s
17. Beth Tilton 1hrs.16.54s
18. Sonis Forrester 1hrs.17.47s
19. Marie Laycock 1hrs.17.48s
20. Su Jelley 1hrs.22.28s
21. Christine Cunningham 1hrs.34.54s
22. Dennis DeBois 1hrs.40.00s