2004 Tour of the Wild Wild West results

Tour of the Wild Wild West February 17th. 2004

A great effort by all riders. Congratulations to all the competitors who finished on what turned out to be a beautiful days ride on an epic course. Thanks again for supporting this event and raising money for Multiple Sclerosis.

Here are the preliminary results.

120k WWW
1. Aaron Strong (Hot cycles) 3hrs.37m.52s (1st Man)
2. Paul Sumich  3hrs.40.12s
3. Craig Pitt (Hot cycles) 3hrs.43m.59s
4. Mike Mayne 3hrs.49m.09s
5. Carywn May 3hrs.49m.30s
6. Andrew Thompson 3hrs.50m.01s
7. Jonathan Atkinson 3hrs.50m.10s
8. Blair Brydon 3hrs.57m.39s
9. Thomas Hanover 3hrs.57m.40s
10. Alec Hutchinson 3hrs.57m.41s
11. John Potter 4hrs.04m.30s
12. Nick Benton 4hrs.04m.31s
13. Alastair Borwick 4hrs.14m.14s
14. Richard Speer 4hrs.14m.15s
15. Paul Sills 4hrs.23m.22s
16. Nick Clements 4hrs.23m.28s
17. Rob Trass 4hrs.23m.31s
18. David Allaway 4hrs.23m.34s
19. Richard Trass 4hrs.23m.54s
20. David Bryden 4hrs.24m.03s
21. Alex McDonald 4hrs.27m.05s
22. Dion Neems 4hrs.28m.08s
23. Linda Goldsack 4hrs.33m.25s (1st Women)
24. Mike Allen 4hrs.33m.26s
25. Andrew Haggerty 4hrs.36m.36s
26. Nathan Livingston 4hrs.36m.37s
27. Nigel Ashby 4hrs.36m.45s
28. Ross Mckenzie 4hrs.36m.49s
29. Robin Tuckey 4hrs.36m.54s
30. David Bate 4hrs.44m.33s
32. Anthony Seagar 4hrs.47m.39s
33. Robert Glenny 4hrs.51m.10s
34. Peter Slocum 4hrs.53m.08s
35. Nina Trass 4hrs.57m.15s  (2nd Women)
36. Martin Newton 5hrs.04m.59s
37. Ron Campbell 5hrs.05m.49s
38. Simon Foster-Moan 5hrs.06m.51s
39. Darren Strahan 5hrs.06m.52s
40. Greg ‘Chee Chee’ Chichester 5hrs.06m.53s
41. Dennis Magnus 5hrs.06m.54s
42. Mike ‘007 stobbsy’ Stobbs 5hrs.06m.55s
43. John Leonard 5hrs.18m.30s
44. David Easton 5hrs.27m.22s
45. Tim Mangold 5hrs.45m.00s
46. Robert Baker 5hrs.55m.01s
47. Andrew Finnagan 5hrs.56m.09s

King of the Mountains:
1. Aaron Strong 225pts
2. Paul Sumich 150pts
3. Carywn May 50pts
4. Richard Speer 25pts

55k WWW

1. Phil Turnwald 1hr.40m.10s (1st man)
2. Chris van Houte 1hr.40m.11s
3. Leigh Reynolds 1hr.46m.02s
4. Jon-paul Hendriksen 1hr.46m.03s
5. Andrew Cook 2hrs.02m.48s
6. Wayne Wright 2hrs.05m.06s
7. Peter Walker 2hrs.07m.02s
8. Jeremy Turner 2hrs.09m.27s
9. Neil Ready 2hrs.10m.10s
10. Lauren Koedyk 2hrs.10m.46s (1st Women)
11. Andrew Stanley 2hrs.10m.50s
12. Russell Walmsley 2hrs.15m.05s
13. Marcel Tingal 2hrs.15m.06s
14. Andy Clark 2hrs.27m.29s
15. Dale Hollands 2hrs.59m.45s (2nd Women)
16. Andrew van der Peet 3hrs.06m.49s