2004 Rabbit Ride results

Rodney Rabbit Ride January 17th. 2004
A great effort by all riders on a hot and windy day. Congratulations to all the competitors. Thanks again for supporting this event and raising money for the Child Cancer foundation.

The 2nd annual Rodney Rabbit Ride kicked off the summer of cycling.co.nz series on Saturday 17th. The field included a some of New Zealand as top elite and fun cycle challenge riders. A total of 107 riders from around New Zealand and one International (Karl Murray: Now living in New Caledonia) tackled the hot and windy conditions over the hill country of Rodney district.

The 100k event became the Gordon McCauley show as he rode like a rabbit attacking from the start taking with him a group of top riders including (Paul Bishop, Blair Taylor, Karl Murray, Aaron Strong, Matthew Gilbert, Paul Sumich, Richard Speer, Craig Pitt, Ryan Hoogenberg, Alastair Borwick and others). Gordon attacked again to go solo but was soon joined by Aaron strong, Matthew Gilbert and Craig Pitt as they averaged 60kph along Kahikatea flat rd.

This foursome would ride to a 1 minute lead on the chasing bunch before McCauley attacked again on Peak rd to go solo for the last time taking out the ¨«Bigsky¡Á Hill prime on top of Old north rd leaving Gilbert and Strong chasing 35 seconds back while Craig Pitt went back to the Paul Sumich and Karl Murray lead group a further 30 seconds back.

McCauley stayed clear taking the Hot spot cash outside of Helensville with Gilbert and Strong just holding on before being swept up by the chase group which had now narrowed the gap to McCauley to 45 seconds. On the return via Old north rd (Riverhead forest) in an excellent move, Craig Pitt and Paul Sumich broke clear of the chase group shortly before the Riverhead Hot spot sprint taking the second and third place cash. They then rode to a 15 second advantage on the chasers when Paul Sumich attacked Pitt to go after McCauley in a fine ride to close the gap to within 23 seconds at the finish line at the Albany North harbour stadium. Lisa Haynes rode strongly throughout to take 18th place and 1st Women.

The 65k event saw a very strong ride by Neil Shaw finishing solo ahead of Paul Reed and Benny van der Griend. Paula Drew rode well to take 6th place overall and 1st Women.
The prize giving saw many of the fun riders taking away the major spot prizes of a trip to the Gold coast for 2 from (Freedom Air), a Bauer Warp road bike from (Bauer/Orewa cycle works). The Rodney Rabbit Ride next year (2005) will have a new course and start and finish in the Rodney district. A special thanks to all the volunteers, police and sponsors (Albany Toyota, Freedom Air, The Roof rack shop, Orewa cycle works and Bauer Bicycles, Just Work out gym, PRV, Nutrition plus and Montana) for making the RRR 04 a safe, fun and challenging event. Full results for the Rodney Rabbit Ride (including the Triple Crown points standings) are posted.

The next event in the Summer of cycling.co.nz series is the 55k/120k cycle challenge the Tour of the Wild Wild West February 15th starting in Titirangi and finishing in Muriwai Beach. Entries close February 8th, 2004.

100k RRR
1. Gordon McCauley (Monex) 2hrs.40m.31s
2. Paul Sumich (IBike) 2hrs.40.54s
3. Craig Pitt (Hot cycles) 2hrs.42m.21s
4. Ryan Hoogenberg 2hrs.44m.25s
5. Karl Murray 2hrs.44m.27s
6. Blair Taylor (IBike) 2hrs.44m.28s
7. Matthew Gilbert 2hrs.44m.43s
8. Paul Bishop 2hrs.44m.44s
9. Jon Bridges (IBike) 2hrs.45m.20s
10. Jianni Koutos 2hrs.45m.28s
11. Aaron Strong 2hrs.47m.28s
12. Dion Neems 2hrs.51m.45s
13. Sam Horn 2hrs.53m.11s
14. Richard Speer 2hrs.53m.12s
15. Mark Cornish 2hrs.53m.12s
16. Alastair Borwick 2hrs.53m.13s
17. Blair Brydon 2hrs.53m.45s
18. Lisa Haynes 2hrs.55m.17s  (Ist Women)
19. Kieran Turner 2hrs.55m.30s
20. Tom Bricklebank 3hrs.00m.12s
21. Lee Johnstone 3hrs.01m.03s
22. Sean Morgan 3hrs.01m.04s
23. Luke Hampton 3hrs.01m.05s
24. Bobby Tuxford 3hrs.01m.35s
25. Jeff Tamblyn 3hrs.10m.15s
26. Nick Clements 3hrs.10m.16s
27. Rick Martin 3hrs.10m.18s
28. Jaco Visser 3hrs.15m.37s
29. Andrew Haggerty 3hrs.15m.38s
30. Steve Lewis 3hrs.15m.40s
32. Mike Allen 3hrs.15m.43s
33. Neil Hawkins 3hrs.15m.44s
34. Tony Haresnape 3hrs.24m.43s
35. Howard Baker 3hrs.25m.03s
36. Dennis Gamble 3hrs.26m.05s
37. Robin Tuckey 3hrs.26m.26s
38. Anthony Seagar 3hrs.28m.55s
39. Peter Woods 3hrs.31m.07s
40. Lindsey Vette 3hrs.31m.54s
41. Katrina Smithson 3hrs.31m.56s (2nd Women )
42. Nigel Clarke 3hrs.32m.01s
43. Jonathan Coulam 3hrs.32m.04s
44. Dave Ralph 3hrs.32m.47s
45. Mellissa Johanson 3hrs.34m.09s (3rd Women)
46. Jayson Ehn 3hrs.35m.05s
47. Heinz Feller 3hrs.36m.09s
48. James Medina 3hrs.36m.37s
49. Peter Slocum 3hrs.36m.50s
50. Tony Ashton 3hrs.37m.35s
51. Greg Thompson 3hrs.37m.35s
52. Ed Kai Ruegger 3hrs.40m.24s
53. Andrew De Ville 3hrs.45m.51s
54. Steve Dean 3hrs.47m.03s
55. Wim Seuren 3hrs.47m.29s
56. Phil Kirk 3hrs.48m.10s
57. Max Lambert 3hrs.53m.58s
58. Richard Clark 3hrs.54m.00s
59. Grant Pollock 3hrs.57m.11s
60. Peter Walker 3hrs.59m.59s
61. Phil Vonlanthen 4hrs.00m.02s
62. Bruce Butler 4hrs.00m.28s
63. Mark Harrison 4hrs.00m.35s
64. Steve Mayo- Smith 4hrs.10m.46s
65. Byran Miller 4hrs.26m.26s
66. Adam Hasselberg 4hrs.30m.00
67. Robert Baker 4hrs.37m.20s
68. Peter Neeve 4hrs.38m.57s
69. Wendy Anderson 4hrs.41m.00s
70. Marianne Ibbertson 4hrs.48m.10s
71. Erik Harrewijn 4hrs.49m.05s
72. Ross Beaven DNF

Big Sky hill prime:
1. Gordon McCauley
2. Aaron Strong
3. Matthew Gilbert

Hot spot sprints: Helensville
1. Gordon McCauley
2. Matthew Gilbert
3. Aaron Strong

Hot spot sprints: Riverhead
1. Gordon McCauley
2. Craig Pitt
3. Paul Sumich

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65k RRR
1. Neil Shaw 2hr.2m.10s
2. Paul Reed 2hrs.4m.49s
3. Benny van der Griend 2hrs.5m.02s
4. Stephen Kerr 2hrs.5m.02s
5. Peter Sedim 2hrs.21m.32s
6. Andrew Jackson 2hrs.21m.43s
7. Paula Drew 2hrs.25m.19s (1st Women)
8. David Pilkington 2hrs.25m.20s
9. Robert Holm 2hrs.29m.50s
10. Guy Williams 2hrs.31m.04s
11. Wayne Wright 2hrs.33m.21s
12. John Coranga 2hrs.35m.30s
13. Paul Wieringa 2hrs.38m.07s
14. Emma Williams 2hrs.39m.54s (2nd Women)
15. Stuart Jones 2hrs.39m.55s
16. Tom Fyfe 2hrs.39m.55s
17. Brett Borthwick 2hrs.44m.41s
18. Phil Stucki 2hrs.49m.34s
19. Ron Jackson 2hrs.52m.00s
20. Sally Tock 2hrs.56m.08s (GLDNCC)
21. Danny Boy 2hrs.56m.11s (GLDNCC)
22. Gary King 2hrs.59m.56s
23. Maggie Lindsey 3hrs.01m.26s (3rd Women)
24. Sue Shand 3hrs.01m.38s
25. Erika Duch 3hrs.08m.02s
26. Rachael Johnson 3hrs.11m.27s
27. Dale Hollands 3hrs.24m.25s
28. Peter Sedim 3hrs.25m.42s
29. Greg Thompson 3hrs.31m.06s
30. Barend deKlerk 3hrs.32m.17s
31. Simon Cavenagh 3hrs.33m.06s
32. Andrew White 3hrs.49m.44s
33. Bronwen Jones 4hrs.26m.26s