2003 Tour of the Wild Wild West results

Congratulations! to all the competitors and finishers in the first Tour of the Wild Wild West.  An Epic performance by everyone!

Here are the Top ten results for 2003.

Tour of the Wild Wild West 137k
1. Karl Murray (4hrs 35minutes) (First and fastest Man)
2. Paul Sumich
3. William Thompson
4. Wayne Mason
5. Nigel Hunt
6. Logan Caulfield
7.  Richard Speer
8. Tom Bricklebank
9. Matthew Haydock
10. Linda Serup Villumsen (First and fastest Woman)

King of the Mountains 137k
1. Karl Murray (34 points)
2. William Thompson (32 points)
3. Paul Sumich (28 points)

Tour of the Wild Wild West 73k
1. Benny van der Griend (2hrs 45minutes) (First and fastest Man)
2. Peter Slocum
3. Leigh Reynolds
4. Tim Kelly
5. Paul Silva
6. Anthony Wood
7. Mike Dowell
8. Rachel Clark (First and fastest Woman)
9. Amanda Trail
10. Lynne Haines

King of the Mountains 73k
1. Benny van der Griend (30 points)
2. Leigh Reynolds (18 points)
3. Peter Slocum (8 points)

Special Special thanks to all our Sponsors and Volunteers, Road Marshals, Motorcycle Marshals and Police for making this an exciting and safe event.

Hot Cycles, Giltrap Subaru, Ground Effect, Pawson Reid Velo, Leppin Sport, Montana Wines.

(Team Depeche) Harrie van der Heijden, Ryan Kothe, Andrew ‘Haggis’ Haggerty, (Team Maxted, Angela, Miles, Robert), Phillip Booth, Colin Evans, Paul Wiggans (and friends), Diane Michel, Harvey Livschitz, (Team Hot Cycles,David Bowden, Mark Chamberlain, Amy Mason), Kieran Turner (cyclingnz.com), Phil Christopherson, Kyle Jenkins.

Motorcycle Marshals:
John Burke, Darren Parker, Craig Witter,Peg, Kerry Davison