2003 Rabbit Ride results

Thanks to all the ‘Pioneer’ riders who competed in our inaugural events this year and by doing so supported the Child Cancer foundation (Northern Division) and the Multiple Sclerosis Society (Auckland).

Congratulations! to all the competitors and finishers in the very first Rodney Rabbit Ride.

Rodney Rabbit Ride 125k
1. David Whyman (First and fastest Man)
2. Paul Sumich
3. Richard Speer
4. Darryl Brigham
5. Stephen Burgess
6. Chris Pilone
7. Tony Wigham
8. Peter Slocum
9. Darren Wu
10. Ken Vette
11. Ross Grayson
12. Rick te Whiu

Rodney Rabbit Ride 65k
1. Jon Paul Hendriksen (First and fastest Man)
2. Craig Whiting
3. Peter Bruggeman
4. Rob Mcleod
5. Scott Cooper
6. Darryl Parker
7. Howard Baker
8. Craig Mintey
9. David Wignell
10. Mark Anderson
11. Richard Wright
12. David Brown
13. Stephen Grant
14. Luc Jorieux
15. Scott Mckenzie
16. Daniel Rutland
17. Joseph Chapman
18. Paul Silva
19. Steve Chapman
20. Anthony Wood
21. Sue Clark (First and fastest Woman)
22. Greg Huckstep
23. John Coranga
24. Ron Eady
25. Delwyn McNamara
26. Peter Charleton
27. Mike Allen
28. Johanna Stewart
29. Rob Briscoe
30. Graeme Wooley
31. Michael Tappenden
32. Nicolette McIntyre
33. Jo Clark
34. Deborah Macrae
35. Barbara Kramer
36. Russell Nant
37. Caryl Nant
38. Warren Parris
39. Dainain Bree
40. Louise Parris
41. Maxine Huggert
42. Evan John Pevreal
43. Brendon Lowe
44. Andrew Burt
45. Kim Singleton
46. Murray Forlong
47. Les Mays
48. Chris Were
49. Wendy Anderson
50. Judy Johnson
51. Mick Dryden

Riverhead Hot Spot Sprint (Lap 1)
1. David Whyman
2. Richard Speer
3. Paul Sumich

Riverhead Hot Spot Sprint (Lap 2)
1. David Whyman
2. Paul Sumich
3. Richard Speer

Special Special thanks to all our Sponsors and Volunteers, Road Marshals and Motorcycle Marshals for making this an exciting and safe event.

Bike shop.co.nz, JustWorkOut Gym, Giltrap Subaru, The Roof Rack Shop, Cima, Primal Surfshop, Snatch Board sports, Pawson Reid Velo, Leppin Sport, Montana Wines.

(Team Depeche) Harrie van der Heijden, Andrew ‘Haggis’ Haggerty, Anne Haggerty, John Dykman, Kerry Mcleod and Ray Mortimore.

Motorcycle Marshals:
John Burke, Kerry Davison